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Your tennis specific athleticism is crucial in your shot development and self mastery, it is also a key factor in your Fine Motor Skill development

Muscle imbalances, weaknesses and restricted range of motion will inhibit your point structure capabilities.

Without professional screening you cannot increase your point structure options and
your shot selection will become limited.

In our program, we offer the following progressions which is in line with the professional sports training

* Balance, Proprioception and Stabilization ( Screening Option)

* Co-ordination phase, including Gait, Kinetic Chain and Pilates program.

* Dynamic Phase – Strength base – Power and Plyometrics

* Conditioning phase including range of motion and muscle endurance.

* To train physically for tennis is to train in progressions with support from training specialists


At school of tennis we have our own Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist onsite for
screening and program management.


For overseas students we offer a video option for an on-court physical assessment.

For players who have gone through injury, we offer a program for proprioception and visualization specific

to tennis. Contact for details

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